What Means Indented?

Do all paragraphs need to be indented?

Many people believe that every single paragraph in a piece of text should be indented.

This is actually unnecessary.

You should use indentation to indicate a new paragraph.

Given the fact that it is pretty obvious that the first paragraph is a new paragraph, there is absolutely no need to indent it at all..

What’s another word for indentation?

In this page you can discover 29 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for indentation, like: imprint, impression, depression, indention, arrangement, section, dent, paragraph, bruise, cavity and crenellation.

What is a synonym for indentation?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for indent. chase, groove, notch.

What is the use of indentation and spacing in a document?

PowerPoint Indents and Line SpacingIndents and line spacing are two important features you can use to change the way text appears on a slide. … Indenting helps to format the layout of text so it appears more organized on your slide. … To decrease an indent, select the desired line, then press Shift+Tab or the Decrease List Level command.More items…

What does indent order mean?

Indent Order means an order placed with the Company by the Buyer whereby the Company, in order to satisfy that order, is required to specifically purchase goods or services from a third party because such goods or services are not usually stocked or provided by the C ompany.

What is indented paragraph?

In word processing, the word indent is used to describe the distance, or number of blank spaces used to separate a paragraph from the left or right margins. … This is the indented paragraph separated from the left margin using blank spaces. Paragraph alignment against left margin. Indents can also be negative.

What is a depression or indentation?

To indent is to begin text with a blank space between it and the margin. Another way to indent is to cause a hollow, depression, or notch — in other words, to dent. …

How do you indent something?

To indent the first line of a paragraph, put your cursor at the beginning of the paragraph and press the tab key. When you press Enter to start the next paragraph, its first line will be indented.

What does an indented paragraph look like?

In a composition, an indentation is a blank space between a margin and the beginning of a line of text. The beginning of this paragraph is indented. Standard paragraph indentation is about five spaces or one-quarter to one-half of an inch, depending on which style guide you follow.

What are the three types of indentation in HTML?

Four types of indents: first line indent, hanging indent, right indent and left indent.

What does indentation mean?

1 : a blank or empty space at the beginning of a written or printed line or paragraph. 2 : a cut or dent in something. More from Merriam-Webster on indentation.

What is indent example?

The definition of an indent is a space that is left when a block of text has been spaced inward further than surrounding text. A space left when you “tab” to move text inward in a word processing program is an example of an indent.

What is the meaning of highly indented?

If something is indented, its edge or surface is uneven because parts of it have been worn away or cut away. … a voyage down Chile’s indented coastline.

How do you indent in an essay?

Indentation: The first line of each paragraph should be indented. According to the MLA, this indentation should be 1/2 inch or five spaces, but pressing [Tab] once should give you the correct indentation. Align Left: The text of your essay should be lined up evenly at the left margin but not at the right margin.

What is normal indent for paragraph?

0.5 inchesIndent no more than the leading (space between lines within a paragraph). E.g., with 15-pts leading, indent no more than 15-pts indentation, or 0.21 inches. Microsoft Word’s default indentation is set to 0.5 inches.

What is indentation in HTML?

Spacing and indentation should be consistent throughout your code. Many developers choose to use 4-space or 2-space indentation. In HTML, each nested tag should be indented exactly once inside of its parent tag. Here is an example of bad indentation in HTML:

I am a paragraph!

What are the types of indentation?

Word provides four types of indents: first line indent, hanging indent, right indent and left indent.

Why is indentation used?

Indentation, the much-maligned formatting technique, provides readers with a sense of continuity. Indentations signal to the reader that she is about to dive into another topic or start a new section of a novel. They help present content in a logical fashion.

Is the first paragraph indented?

. The normal style for paragraphs indents the first line only. Flush-and-hang style does not indent …the first line (and thus the line remains “flush left”), but it does indent all the rest of the…

What is an indent in business?

Define Indent. When the importer places an order to import the goods, he places an order for the goods to be despatched. This order is known as ‘indent’ containing description of the goods ordered, prices to be paid, delivery terms, packing and marking details and delivery instructions. 510 Views.

What is an indented block in Python?

The python IndentationError: expected an indented block error occurs when you forget to indent the statements within a compound statement or within a user-defined function. In python, the expected an indented block error is caused by a mix of tabs and spaces. … The error message suggests that the code lacks indentation.